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The right saddle for road cyclists.In the average female anatomy, the pubic symphysis (front cartilage connecting the two halves of the pelvis) is positioned lower by a quarter than in a male pelvis, and the angle of the pubic bones towards each other is wider.Furthermore, mobility is higher in women, so when in the saddle, their pelvis often rocks further forwards.This can create high pressure in the genital area.The centre relief, which is positioned far at the front, as well as the wider saddle flanks (V shaped) help distribute the emerging pressure over the bony structures of the sitting area.Particularly innovative:Relief inlays in the seat and genital area.OrthoCell inlays in the genital and sitting area provide optimum pressure distribution -the innovative OrthoCell material ensures maximum reset force and is also more durable and lighter than gel.Sliding flanks help reduce friction when pedaling.World champion Pauline Ferrand Prvot chose this saddle.Flat but still comfortably padded.Shape and relief exactly fit the female anatomy in the typical racing-related sitting position.Name:SR Pro Women.Use:competition.Weight:ca.210 g.Shell:Nylon Composite.Rail:TiNox.Cover:Microfiber.Padding:Orthopedic AirCell Foam with OrthoCell Pads.Gender:women specific.

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