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The Ergon SR Pro Carbon Women s Saddle provides you with a huge amount of comfort and utilises Ergon s Women specific saddle technology.Pressure Relief Inlays: Inlays in the sit and genital areas distribute sitting pressure.Relief Channel: This recess achieves maximum relief in the genital area to prevent discomfort and numbness in the genital area.Ramp: The ramp supports the buttocks when in a strongly inclined forward position, allowing for improved pressure relief in the genital area.Shape: The V-shape optimally supports the pubic bone and the pressure is transferred to the bony structures.Wide Front: A wide nose allows for a large relief zone without interfering edges.Short Nose: Saddle length is reduced to a minimum to improve the freedom of movement on the bike.In the average female, the pubic symphysis (front cartilage connecting the two halves of the pelvis) is positioned lower than in a male pelvis, and the angle of the pubic bones towards each other is wider. Furthermore, mobility is higher in women, so when in the saddle, their pelvis often rocks further forwards. This can create high pressure in the genital area. The centre relief, which is positioned far at the front, as well as the wider saddle flanks help distribute the pressure of the sitting area.Shell: Carbon CompositeRails: CarbonCover: MicrofibrePadding: Orthopaedic AirCell Foam with OrthoCell PadsWeight: 170g (S/M), 175g (M/L)Size guide:Small/Medium: 9-12cm Sit bone widthMedium/Large: 12-16cm Sit bone width

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