Northwave Summer Footbed Flat Feet Brown EU 36-37



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Northwave Summer Footbed Flat feetNorthwave Biomap Bike Performance arch supports can be adapted to the majority of cycling shoes on the market. Biomechanical analyses on the feet of professional and amateur athletes have proven that these arch supports offer ultimate comfort and improved performance when matched with Northwave footwear.In most cases numbness or pain in the sole of the foot (often called hot foot) is caused by an inadequate support inside the shoe. The sensation of pain is mainly due to compression of nerves and arteries caused by the flattening of the foot while pedalling.The NW Biomap Bike Performance Footbeds reduce pressure on the nerves and arteries by supporting the longitudinal arch and metatarsal arch of the foot.Positioning the foot correctly and equally distributing pressure across the entire area of the sole, makes easier blood circulation. This guarantees a smaller perception of fatigue, along with a consequent delay of lactic acid being produced. All of the power is therefore discharged onto the pedal without dispersions.Temp. (ÂșC): +10 to +25

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