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The Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish 500ml is the ultimate high quality bike polish and protectant. Muc-Off have specifically engineered this polish so that it gives a deep, luxurious shine that will withstand the elements and keep your frame looking like it’s just rolled off the showroom floor! A unique blend of 3 separate waxes as well as highly advanced ingredients combine to deliver a superb protective treatment that is safe to use on paintwork, carbon fibre, chrome, metal & plastics. The Muc-Off Miracle Shine contains Carnauba wax which is the hardest naturally occurring wax known to man so you know it won’t wear out easily. The really clever part of Miracle Shine is Fluoro Polymer Technology which has an amazing ability to repel water and atmospheric pollutants. It’s easier to wash and will even stay cleaner in between washes. Each time you apply Miracle Shine a Fluoro Polymer layer ‘knits’ together to form a microscopic, ultra tough protective barrier that can extend the lifetime of the finish by preventing the build up of dirt and grime! Easy to apply, this Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish 500ml won’t leave a chalky residue and buffs off to reveal a shine that has to be seen to be believed. With Silicone oils providing additional depth of shine and mild polishing aids to remove microscopic imperfections this is a high quality bike shine treatment that you’ll love! Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish 500ml Features 500ml bottle 3 seperate waxes build up to give a protective barrier which extends your bikes cosmetic lifetime. Easy application, without leaving a chalky white residue. Silicone Oils allow easy application and provide additional depth of shine whilst our added mild polishing aids remove microscopic imperfections.

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