Michelin Advanced Magi X Reflective Ts 27.5” Tubeless Mtb Tyre Black 27.5” / 2.35



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The sculpture of the MICHELIN Wild ROCK’R² Advanced Reinforced was completely re-designed to allow the best compromise between a ease of rolling and exceptional braking.A tyre answering all your expectations even in the worst conditions: – Excellent steering accuracy:- Massive side blocks creating a rail insuring remarkable steering accuracy – Remarkable grip:- Numerous small sipes in the tread pattern, increasing the mobility of tread blocks improving adhesion.-Tyres benefit from the newest compound: the MAGI-X Series or the GUM-X series – Ease of rolling and exceptional braking thanks to the alternate transverse and longitudinal blocks in forms of teeth establishing the tread – The ‘REINFORCED’ casing allows you handle the harshest of terrrainsIt offers a good compromise between weight and strength which is ideal for Enduro ridingThe MICHELIN MAN advises:For optimal performances, the MICHELIN MAN recommends you use mainly a combination of the Gum-X Series on the front and the MAGI-X Series on the rear. MICHELIN Advanced TechnologyThe technology which changes everything’Advanced Technology’ tyres benefit from superior performance thanks to the special nature of their tread patterns and rubber compounds (GUM-X series) or their casing architecture (ex Reinforced Technology)MICHELIN MAGI-X seriesMICHELIN MAGI-X series is the latest Michelin Mountain Bike rubber compound for Enduro use.Developed and used in the Enduro World series, this rubber mixture offer very high efficiency with exceptional grip on the angle, but also excellent braking under the most demanding conditions. MICHELIN MAGI-X series is mainly intended to be used on the front wheel.Bibendum says :for the best control and overall safety, BIBENDUM recommends putting the MAGI-X series tyres on the front wheel with the MICHELIN GUM-Xseries on the rear.MICHELIN GUM-x SeriesMICHELIN GUM-X Series is the latest generation of tyre compound developed by MICHELIN for their MICHELIN Wild Advanced Mountain Bike range.Available for the whole of the new MICHELIN Wild Grip’R Advanced and MICHELIN Wild Race’R Advanced Ultimate ranges.MICHELINs experience in the definition of these new rubber compounds enables mountain bikers to enjoy an excellent balance of performance between grip, efficiency and wear.MICHELIN GUM-X Series Compound is available in different shore (durometer) hardness ratings: the lower the index, the softer the rubber and, conversely, the higher the index, the harder the rubber.MICHELIN Reinforced TechnologyFor an even stronger casingThanks to its additional protective ply running from one bead to the other, MICHELIN Reinforced Technology improves the casings resistance to external attack on the sidewalls and reduces punctures due to impact or pinching.This technology is particularly suited to Enduro use.MICHELIN TSAramide beads, designed to be flexible and light.When designing their cycle tyres, MICHELIN use two types of bead, flexible beads (TS) and rigid beads (TR).The flexible beads invented and developed by MICHELIN are made exclusively of aramide fabric, which is also to be found in bulletproof vests.This textile fabric has a very great resistance to extension whilst being very lightweight.These beads therefore have the special features of being very light and very strong, which reduces the overall weight by 40 to 70 grams per tyre.MICHELIN high performance Road and Mountain Bike tyres are all equipped with flexible beads.

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