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Introducing the new Ergon road saddle for men, the SR Road Pro. Featuring a range of features to keep you in supreme comfort on your road bike and helping to make your rides more pleasurable.Relief Inlays: More comfort thanks to the OrthoCell-Inlays in the seating area, which help distributes pressure better.Large-Area Pressure Distribution: Optimal pressure distribution in the area of the sit and pubic bones by means of a flat, even contact area and top-quality padding foams.Effective Relief: The extreme deep and rearward increasing relief channel is complimented by a proper cut-out in the deepest spot. This construction combines all benefits of a standard cut-out saddle without its drawbacks (often a very stiff shell) producing a particularly high degree of strain relief of the sensitive perineal area. Exceedingly high pressures often are the cause for discomfort and numbness in the genital area.Shape: Through its Y-Shape the freedom of movement and legroom are maximized, while at the same time all bone structures are well supported.Ramp: The ramp particularly supports the bottom in the strongly forward tilted riding position, allowing for improved pressure relief in the genital area.Flat contour: Due to the more upright pelvis orientation the saddle surface is flat with great freedom of movement.Integrated Mount: Convenient removable mount for accessories like Topeak saddle bagsDue to their specific pelvic anatomy men are sitting more upright on the saddle. This creates a higher pressure in the highly sensitive perineal area, which often leads to any of the varying forms of discomfort. This is where the relief concept of the SR Men saddle comes into play. Through the falling relief channel with cut-out, the resulting pressure is evenly distributed onto the bone structures (sit bone and parts of the pubic blades). The Y-shape helps keep the freedom of movement high even when riding in the low position typical for road biking.Shell: Carbon CompositeRails: TiNoxCover: MicrofibrePadding: Orthopaedic AirCell Foam with OrthoCell PadsWeight: 220g (S/M), 230g (M/L)Size guide:Small/Medium: 9-12cm Sit bone widthMedium/Large: 12-16cm Sit bone width

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