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The Ergon design team has analysed the requirements of E-Mountain bikers in detail and the result is the SM E-Mountain Sport Men’s Saddle. Longer periods of sitting, steeper climbs and greater levels of impact characterise the E-MTB experience. After intense development, the optimal saddle shape was found. Supporting Ramp: Strongly raised ramping for maximum support from behind helps stabilizing your position on the bike and saves energy when riding uphill.Soft Comfort Padding: Maximum comfort when seated due to a thicker padding even on long rides.Pronounced Relief Channel/Cut-Out: The Relief channel helps to avoid numbness and provides increased protection for soft-tissue areas. Specially adapted for men and women.Pressure Relief Inlays: More comfort thanks to the OrthoCell-Inlays in the seating area, which helps distribute pressure better.Wide Front: In particularly steep trail sections, the position often is shifted towards the front. That s why the E-Mountain s saddle nose is deliberately designed wide and comfortable.Integrated Mount: Convenient removable mount for accessories like Topeak saddle bagsThe rear ramp better supports the rider in steep uphill riding situations when seated. The V-shape offers freedom of movement across the wide flanks up to the padded nose important for particularly steep climbs. This saddle offers maximum comfort due to its thicker padding and relief channel cut-out helping to avoid numbness. Also the pressure relief inlays help distribute pressure more effectively and a wide front nose helps you move forward on the saddle on particularly steep climbs and stay comfortable.Shell: Nylon CompositeRails: CroMoCover: MicrofibrePadding: Orthopaedic Comfort Foam with OrthoCell InlaysWeight: 335g (S/M), 350g (M/L)Size guide:Small/Medium: 9-12cm Sit bone widthMedium/Large: 12-16cm Sit bone width

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